Love. Sunshine. Cheer. was created as an open platform for discussion (where confidentiality is pivotal) to build a community for healthy mental and emotional space. Therefore, consider this an open invitation to contribute to the platform as a writer and artist of life.

Depending upon your experience and choice of topic, feel free to share your work (article, personal essay, fiction or poem) with us. Please read the following submission guidelines carefully to avoid any disappointments.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Topic: Explore the existing content through Tags and Categories. Whatever you think is missing, write on that. The universe is open as long as the article meets guidelines 2-6. Tags are available in the sidebar next to each article and below them (check image for reference).
  2. Useful: Create a piece that is unique, offers valuable insights and helps the community to apply the said insights. It is important to understand that we stay away from the journalistic format and are more likely to publish pieces that can be readily applied to real life.
  3. Credible: Try to back your content with research (add links to source) and/or expert quotes. Look for sites like PubMed, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, etc. It will lend weight to your voice and make it a more trustworthy piece. You can skip this in a personal essay, fiction, poetry or observation piece.
  4. Comfortable: Ensure that your blog has an assuring, non-offensive tone. We are here to offer comfort to people from all demographics and thus, would hate to pass your piece because of offensive voice, prejudiced ideas, hate speech, discrimination, etc.
  5. Original: Write your own piece in your own voice. Chances are that our readers would love you more if you’re original and show your vulnerable side. So, take lots of inspiration but stay away from plagiarism.
  6. Structured: A well-structured article is a treat to read and share. So as you share your arguments in support or against an idea, make sure the sentences and paragraphs flow into each other seamlessly. Use heading and sub-headings as and when required. Highlight keywords and italicise new or difficult words.
  7. Credits: We’d like to give full credit to the person behind the piece. So, share a high-resolution picture of yourself (only you, no friends) with a short description of yourself. Credits appear under each article and on slider (check image for reference). Alternatively, you can choose to stay anonymous. In that case, mention it in the email.
  8. Word limit: Feel free to write your heart out, but have minimum 300 words if it is a blog.
  9. Hygiene: Once you’re done, run a spell-check and Grammarly check to fix the basic grammatical errors. When confused, trust your instincts and not the software.

Our Editorial Team reads all the entries received and shares notes on it with the creator. It may take them 1-2 weeks to respond so please be patient. In the unfortunate event of not receiving any response after 2 weeks, feel free to follow up on email.

Please note that Submission is not a guarantee to publish. If we choose not to publish your content, the team will update you accordingly over email.

Email your work to upon its completion in a Word doc. Use “SUBMISSION” (all caps) in the subject.

For any other queries, contact us through this form.

Love. Sunshine. Cheer.