Mansi Laus Deo
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An Engineer and Business grad who gave it all up for the written word, Mansi is a child of logic. She is an Epilepsy awareness advocate and Editor at Love. Sunshine. Cheer. Equal parts insanity and no-nonsense attitude, at 31, she finds herself wobbling between feeling young and staying stuck in her ways. While you might find Mansi on a spoken-word poetry stage delivering heavy-duty stuff on feminism, mental health, capitalism, environment and relationships, a cat video is enough to get her immediate attention.

Me, My Soulmate and Our Expectations: Escaping the Bermuda Triangle

Understanding the right amount of expectations from a soulmate or romantic partner to make a relationship satisfying and long lasting.

Empowering Kids With Mental Health Tools: Just Feel (Book Review)

Want to open a dialogue with your child on mental and emotional health, but don’t have the right tools? Read this review.

Making a lot of Bad Decisions? This is Your Read.

Exploring the science behind regrettable decisions and learning how to hack it. Want to get on the road of intentional living and making better decisions? Read this.

We Are All Hope-Fools in Love: Confirms Study on Optimism Bias

Is optimism a bad thing? Why can’t we accept negative predictions? Weighing the pros and cons of optimism bias and exploring vicarious optimism.

Why Saying – I Regret Nothing – Could be Your Biggest Lie and Roadblock

Is “no regrets” bravado real or delusional? Do we all experience the same kinds of regrets? Are all regrets alike? Are regrets any useful? Find out here.

7 Wise Lessons From The Dalai Lama’s Cat

The Dalai Lama’s Cat is Buddhism 101 for a 5-year-old – in word and practice.

Childhood Fears: The Part Parents Play in Instilling Them

While trying to instil good habits, are you also instilling fear and mistrust in your child?

Childhood Fears: Do They Have an Origin?

Where do childhood fears come from? Do they increase or transform with age? What is the role of parents? Learn all about childhood fears here.

Enjoying a slice of myself

What do billboards, business class and Dalai Lama have in common?