Mansi Laus Deo
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An Engineer and Business grad who gave it all up for the written word, Mansi is a child of logic. She is an Epilepsy awareness advocate and Editor at Love. Sunshine. Cheer. Equal parts insanity and no-nonsense attitude, at 31, she finds herself wobbling between feeling young and staying stuck in her ways. While you might find Mansi on a spoken-word poetry stage delivering heavy-duty stuff on feminism, mental health, capitalism, environment and relationships, a cat video is enough to get her immediate attention.

Signs Your Parents Are Making You Stressed

Feeling stressed because of your parents has nothing to do with your love for them or vice versa. However, identifying if they’re your stressors can help you achieve better mental health.

The Pursuit of Happiness with M.E. Classes (Mental Education) and Stigma Jars

Making a case of mandatory mental health education in schools, and how we can de-stigmatise mental health conditions, one person at a time.

Childhood Fears: Helping the Child Overcome Them

What to do and what not to do – when your child struggles with fears and you struggle with finding the strategies to overcome them.

3 Easy Ways to Make Better Decisions

Are you overwhelmed with choices and decisions like Chidi from The Good Place? Well, good news. This article was written for you!

The Art of Staying Calm When People Offer Terrible Advice

Just like there’s an art of giving advice, there’s an art of asking advice too. Learn how to keep calm when you want to snap at terrible advice.

Two Simple Phrases for More Nurtured Relationships

Creating nurturing, strong relationships is easier than we think. All it takes is a bit less ego and a few more words.

Kids Prefer Books That Tell Them the How’s & Why’s: Study

Does your child prefer screens to books? Well, indulging her in the truth might help according to the latest study.

Stop Giving Advice, Start Validating Emotions: Study

Often we fret about the right things to say when someone is pouring their heart out to us. This article on emotional validation will help you.

9 Toxic Things That Happen When You Don’t Love Yourself

Wholehearted relationships, kindness, love, forgiveness – all seem to be beyond your grasp when you don’t love yourself.

11 Sure-shot Ways to Combat Decision Fatigue (and Make Better Decisions)

What can you do in short term and long term to avoid decision fatigue and succeed better at your goals? Read this article to know.