Our Manifesto

Love. Sunshine. Cheer.

Three things we all need to thrive and live a fulfilled life.

No wonder, we talk about adding value to relationships of all kinds. After all, we humans are social creatures. Even those who choose to lead a solitary life, do so to develop a richer connection with themselves and nature.

And, we are your partners in this journey. Your behind-the-scene support crew. Your go-to person when you run into troubles. Your shoulder to cry on, your wall to lean on, an ear to listen to your dilemmas, a heart to share and lighten your burden, a hand to pull you back up, and your guide to lead you towards love, sunshine and cheer.

We are your agony aunt. Your life coach. And, your teddy bear.

We all make mistakes, do shitty things, and hurt others. We all get bullied or say negative things to ourselves and sabotage our own lives. We take revenge and sometimes, even feel great after that. Trust us, it’s not not-a-normal thing.

We too have done that. And that’s how we know how cold, dark and dangerous that pit inside feels. Or how that whirlwind of situations can trap us forcing us to believe that there may never be a dawn. A time when you feel the universe has forsaken you.

You know, we have been there. We found someone or something that reminded us that we are being held. That help is on its way. That it’s not difficult to hike back to the sunny side. Sometimes, that someone was none other than we ourselves.

So, no matter what, know that we will always stand by you. We’ll always clap and cheer for you. You’ll always find us right next to you, sometimes bucking you up and other times, patting your back for your feats. So remember, we are here for you.

We exist, because you do. Don’t you ever forget that. Ever.

Love. Sunshine. Cheer.

Next steps...

We want to know what’s on your mind. Or in your heart. Or on a piece of paper you’re thinking of throwing in trash.┬áMind sharing it with us?